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One of the biggest challenges for any industrial manager is to plan a production schedule so as to use resources as efficiently as possible.

There are many conflicting objectives. Longer production runs are more efficient as they minimise set-up time, but the need to maintain a wide range of products may require shorter production runs. Carrying large inventories of raw materials and part-finished goods gives you flexibility, but it costs money. Synchronising deliveries of inputs and outputs, allocating machine time and labour – these are all hard problems. It's no wonder most firms operate well below their theoretical capacity.

Stehlik & Co are experienced in designing production planning software systems to help solve this kind of problem. Our developers are trained professionals, who approach problems with rigour and creativity and produce sound pieces of software engineering. Our process is based on a consultant's understanding of your production process, which we apply to the design of a bespoke production planning application.

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We believe that our approach to bespoke systems development is capable of reliably delivering superior systems. If you do not have a custom built application to streamline your management processes, it is our belief that your business is likely to not be operating as efficiently as it could be. Contact us at for an initial discussion, and you can find out more about the ways in which bespoke software development can lead to tangible improvements in planning and production, and the ways in which Stehlik has the skill and commitment to deliver the best software systems.


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