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Software Development and Consultancy

At Stehlik, we are dedicated to building bespoke software for the medical, food processing, building, geodetic, travel, telecommunications and financial industries.

What sets us apart from other consultancy and development firms is that we provide top-level expertise, attention to detail and a rigorous development and production process which ensures that a system is delivered which meets your needs. Our consultants and developers are experienced, creative and conscientious professionals, who are capable of working with existing software or custom-building new applications from scratch.

Software development for the 21st century

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We do not provide "shrink-wrap" products designed as generic solutions. Although mass-market solutions have their place in the modern software environment, our clients find that their needs are best served by software partners who are prepared to develop a detailed understanding of their financial and business system processes. This means that our systems are built by people who understand the software, and who understand the specific problems they were meant to solve. We find that this leads to software which is more reliable, faster to operate and easier to use for the people it is built for.

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We believe that our approach to bespoke systems development is capable of reliably delivering superior systems. If you do not have a custom built application to streamline your management processes, it is our belief that your business is likely to not be operating as efficiently as it could be. Contact us at sales@stehlik.co.uk for an initial discussion, and you can find out more about the ways in which bespoke software development can lead to tangible improvements in planning and production, and the ways in which Stehlik has the skill and commitment to deliver the best software systems.


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