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Whether you are setting up from scratch or migrating part of an existing business to the internet, there are effectively two parts of your software needs to consider.

These are the "front end" – the systems that interact with customers or other users, and the "back end" – the system that handles and processes the orders, transactions and instructions generated by the front end.

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As with all our software development, we approach these problems with a functional, design-oriented philosophy. And we start from the fundamentals of your business and work forward. If the back end matches the reality of your processes and handles its inputs and outputs efficiently, then designing the front end is simply a matter of creating the simplest way for users to generate the instructions it needs. When compared to an approach that tries to guess what an attractive front end might look like, then builds the back end to fix it, Stehlik's approach always results in fewer bugs, faster operation and better reliability. It's like building a house from the foundations upwards, rather than trying to build the roof first and lift it onto the walls later.

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We believe that our approach to bespoke systems development is capable of reliably delivering superior systems. If you do not have a custom built application to streamline your management processes, it is our belief that your business is likely to not be operating as efficiently as it could be. Contact us at for an initial discussion, and you can find out more about the ways in which bespoke software development can lead to tangible improvements in planning and production, and the ways in which Stehlik has the skill and commitment to deliver the best software systems.


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