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Our credo is that the job of web design is not to make websites which look "good", it's to make websites which look "right". There is an important difference; let us explain.

We provide design for web sites and applications as part of our technology and consultancy service. Design and development need to be integrated with each other in our view, and both need to be informed by the latest research. Our team includes experts in user interface design who know how to work with solid, underlying principles to make sure the finished product has a logical and intuitive structure.

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If your site needs to serve different functions to different users, or to integrate seamlessly with an intranet, or to be updated frequently from a variety of sources, you will generally find that off-the-shelf solutions are more trouble than they're worth. Too many websites suffer from the problem that their structure is shaped by the constraints of the components they are built with, rather than by tasks they are meant to serve.

A bespoke site or application, designed from the start around your business and customer needs, will work "cleanly" and will show a flow of information and control which makes sense in the context of your users. This is the basis of sound web design, and it really makes a difference to the user experience. A site which is logically organised is easy to use, and holds information in a way that brings it to visitors' attention when it is needed.

At Stehlik, we pay attention to information organisation and user interface design, because these are the foundations of a usable website. It's the difference between having a map of a city, or having a cardboard box full of addresses and street names. One will let you get where you want, by the quickest route. The other will lead you into dead ends and leave you dependent on luck to find what you're after.

Once the structure is right, the task of giving the site or application a strong and visually appealing image becomes much easier. Conversely, if a website is put together from components that don't make logical sense, this will always require compromises which never look good – there is no amount of artistic flair that can compensate for underlying design weakness. We work with the best creative professionals to ensure that your website has an attractive and professional appearance.

This is what we mean when we say that a website needs to look "right". Your customers and users should not necessarily notice the skill and professionalism that goes into getting the right design for your website, but they will always appreciate the clear and efficient structure which makes it easy to use.

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We believe that our approach to bespoke systems development is capable of reliably delivering superior systems. If you do not have a custom built application to streamline your management processes, it is our belief that your business is likely to not be operating as efficiently as it could be. Contact us at sales@stehlik.co.uk for an initial discussion, and you can find out more about the ways in which bespoke software development can lead to tangible improvements in planning and production, and the ways in which Stehlik has the skill and commitment to deliver the best software systems.


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