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Hosting in the Sussex, UK area. We have been involved in bespoke software development for more than a decade and have the relevant competences, expertise and experience.

Hosting for businesses based in Sussex, UK

To complete our bespoke service, we can offer hosting for your website and applications. In keeping with our design and development philosophy, we use dedicated servers over which we have complete control and root access. This means that we can install exactly the software that you need, and we can make changes instantly.

Traditional "shared" hosting keeps your site and applications on the same servers as a host of other customers. The number of other sites you could be sharing with is often surprisingly large; it could easily run into the tens of thousands.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with shared hosting if it is managed well, but when a service provider has to administer so many clients in the same space, they have to reduce things to the lowest common denominator.

Simple considerations of security mean that a shared hosting service has to put limitations on what each customer can do with the server. Also, shared hosting means that each server has to be able to serve a variety of different needs, rather than being optimised for a single customer.

A bespoke solution

With a dedicated hosting model, we always know exactly what programs are running, which computers they are running on and how many resources they require. If a database needs to be customised, or a new application installed, we can just do it; there is no need to deal with different levels of admin and bureaucracy.

You won't suddenly find that your performance is impaired by inadequate server space, speed or memory, but neither will you end up paying for space and services that you never use. It takes the guesswork out of buying your web space.

Our technical advantage

We use Debian Linux servers, with the operating system optimised for performance. As you would expect, we do not use ready-made "shrink wrap" solutions for our own hosting business; we have set up our systems on the basis of the same sound software design principles which we use when developing applications for clients.

A hosting server with us will be set up to run the specific application that you want it for, rather than to handle anything the market throws at it. Using a specialised tool for each job, rather than trying to cover all possibilities, is how we deliver superior reliability and performance.

It's a matter of engineering. Economies of scale are important, but they are often outweighed by the benefits of specialisation. For flexibility, efficiency and reliability, our dedicated hosting service can more than rival the biggest shared providers.

If you are interested in learning more about Hosting in Sussex, UK please contact us, or give us a call now on 01273 906 260 for a no obligation, free consultation.

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