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Mobile-Friendly Conversions

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Mobile-Friendly Conversions in the Sussex, UK area. We have been involved in bespoke software development for more than a decade and have the relevant competences, expertise and experience.

Mobile-friendly websites and web applications

Designing and developing for mobile platforms brings a new set of challenges. While high speed broadband connections make it easier for modern desktop developers to get away with poor choices, on mobile, there is nowhere to hide. The difference between a good and bad design for a mobile site or app is immediately obvious to the user, as it shows up as a big difference in speed, battery consumption and data usage.

Efficiency by design

Stehlik's focus on sound design principles and bespoke systems is perfectly suited to the mobile world. We don't use off-the-shelf components or "toolkits" sold by third party vendors. These solutions can help you make an application or a mobile site quickly. But they tend to come at a cost in terms of efficiency, and the trade off gets worse and worse the more demanding your needs are. Building things from the ground up means that you can build efficiency and speed into the core of the system.

This is our benefit to your users, and to you. People don't directly notice the way software is built. But they do notice when a mobile site has a fast loading time, or an app has a download size which is much smaller than its competitors. In a highly competitive environment, can you really afford to present users with lags and poor performance?

Web to mobile

Integrating an existing website into a mobile offering is another key challenge. Again, the difference is in the design and execution. It is not difficult, relatively speaking, to take an existing website or application, and port it over to a mobile platform in such a way that it will run. What is difficult, is to do the job in such a way that the finished mobile product runs as well as if it was natively designed. Much of the work here is making sure that the original desktop product was designed properly in the first place - mobile ports have a way of showing up weaknesses that were always there.

Stehlik's focus on sound software design principles helps us to cope with the rigorous environment of mobile. Our clean and efficient software designs produce clean and efficient mobile sites and applications. Our professionals have the creativity and work ethic to deliver the right solution, on time and to the highest standards. This allows you to concentrate on the things that make your product unique.

If you are interested in learning more about Mobile-Friendly Conversions in Sussex, UK please contact us, or give us a call now on 01273 906 260 for a no obligation, free consultation.

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