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Software Development in the Sussex, UK area. We have been involved in bespoke software development for more than a decade and have the relevant competences, expertise and experience.

Software development for traditional and modern businesses in Sussex, UK

Whether you are setting up from scratch or migrating part of an existing business to the internet, there are effectively two parts of your software needs to consider. These are the "front end" – the systems that interact with customers or other users, and the "back end" – the system that handles and processes the orders, transactions and instructions generated by the front end.

As with all our software development, we approach these problems with a functional, design-oriented philosophy. And we start from the fundamentals of your business and work forward. If the back end matches the reality of your processes and handles its inputs and outputs efficiently, then designing the front end is simply a matter of creating the simplest way for users to generate the instructions it needs.

When compared to an approach that tries to guess what an attractive front end might look like, then builds the back end to fix it, Stehlik's approach always results in fewer bugs, faster operation and better reliability. It's like building a house from the foundations upwards, rather than trying to build the roof first and lift it onto the walls later.

Brand new businesses

A new business in a modern industry has the advantage of starting with a clean sheet of paper. In many ways, this is an ideal situation, as it means that the software can also be developed with a clean sheet, avoiding the problems associated with integrating "legacy" systems, or the need to migrate users from an old system to a new system.

However, the flexibility can be a difficulty as well as a blessing. If the business processes which the system needs to match have not themselves been developed yet, you will need to work closely with the software developer to make sure that early decisions do not get "set in stone" by implementing them into the software.

A well designed system should be able to cope with revisions and changes to its processes, but this potential needs to be built into the system from day one. Our programmers and consultants are experienced, highly trained and creative people, who have the skill and rigour needed to work with a new or rapidly changing business.

Growing your business online

If your business has passed the start-up stage, you will most likely already have existing software and systems to handle your online presentation and commerce. You may find, however, that over time these systems are no longer fit for your purposes. This is often the case with the "shrink wrap" solutions which are frequently promoted. These can be useful for getting a product to market quickly, because they are tools designed to create quick solutions to generic problems.

But as your business grows, these kinds of systems tend to scale poorly. Things which you regarded as minor irritations in the early days start to become major obstacles to you and your customers. Migrating existing systems to a new bespoke platform is one of our core skills; we can usually preserve all the functionality that you need, minimise the learning curve for users, and leave you with a system that works better, is more reliable and is capable of continuing to grow.

Traditional businesses moving to online

These days, even companies which have historically done most of their business offline need to consider how much they can transfer to online channels. This is another migration problem where the creativity and attention to detail of Stehlik's consultants and developers comes into its own.

Integrating an internet operation's front end with a back end which needs to serve both online and offline users is something which can only be done successfully by starting with a sound design.

We have enough experience and professionalism to build you a system which allows you to expand your online presence without compromising your existing business.

If you are interested in learning more about Software Development in Sussex, UK please contact us, or give us a call now on 01273 906 260 for a no obligation, free consultation.

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